Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wayne NJ Toy Show

This morning I got up early and headed out to a local Flea Market here in Pennsylvania. While I was there I ran into  a toy collector and dealer named Mike who I have known for a long time. He works at Sellersville Auction, were I bought my 2nd USS Flagg. If you watch the show Toy Hunter on Travel Channel you may have seen the episode where Jordan bids on a carded Super Powers Shazam! figure at Sellersville.

Mike and I walked around a little, not really finding anything. He told me he was meeting up with Tony and Nick later this morning. Tony is one of the organizers of Retro Con. It a big toy (and other stuff 70's & 80's) convention in Oaks PA. They were planning on going over to the Wayne New Jersey Toy & Collectible Show and Mike invited me to go along. This Wayne NJ show is another location that has been featured on Toy Hunter. During the episode were Jordan was buying Kiss items for Gene Simmons, his buddy Steve took him to a "flea market" in Wayne. He guys some Kiss underwear and a view master disk there.

So the four of us piled into Mike's car and headed out to New Jersey. It was fun paling around with other toy fans. I was a little lost some of the time. The other three guys I was with are all huge Transformer fans. I like Transformers, but I really don't own many. If they weren't in the G1 cartoon than I don't know who they are. We also talked a lot about Matty Collector and the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

None of us found anything too crazy in Wayne, but we had a good time and picked up a few items. I will be posting my purchases very shortly. We saw a couple of "Reality TV Stars" at the show. Steve Savino who is the "Toy Scout" on Toy Hunter was there selling mostly junk. I did buy a figure off of his though. He was mostly fielding questions from people about the show. He was much more calm in person. He's easily excitable on the show and today he seemed almost depressed. Another person often referred to as a popculturist, Robert Bruce was present selling action figures. If you've ever watched Kevin Smith's reality show Comic Boon Men you have probably seen Robert. He is the expert they call in most often to evaluate items that they are about to buy.

So I had a fun time and I got to check out a new show.
popculturist, Robert Bruce was also there.


  1. Man that sounds like a blast! It's always great to be able to pal around and travel with fellow collectors. Can't wait to see what goodies you found.

  2. The show is always a blast with over 80 tables. The promoters are planning a 170 table show next year can't wait!