Saturday, July 13, 2013

Octavia - MOTUC

Octavia is one of the most interesting members of the Evil Horde to not get an action figure in the vintage line. She was created by the people at Filmation for the She-Ra cartoon. I'm so glad that Mattel has the rights to the Filmation characters and have been including them in the Club Eternia Subscription as well as the Filmation Subscription Service.

Octavia's most striking features are her green skin and four tentacle arms. The Four Horseman did a great job of designing these tentacles so that they can attach to the figure and still retain her appearance from the cartoon. Each tentacle has a ball and socket joint that includes a pivot at the base where they attach to her back. Her hair doesn't allow them to move around a whole lot, but if you unplug them and switch which holes they are in you get more options.

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Octavia comes with five accessories. She has a special Horde crossbow that can be held in her normal hands as well as four swords. These bladed weapons can be held in her regular hands or be clipped onto the tentacles.

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  1. I love this figure so much! I remember getting involved in so many conversations and excitement over how the 4H would approach her, and they totally knocked it out of the park. She is one of my favorites for sure. Great review!