Monday, July 22, 2013

General Lee - Ertl

This is a 1981 General Lee replica car by Ertl. This car is in scale with other popular small die-cast cars like Matchbox and Hot Wheels. I received the famous Duke of Hazards car from a neighbor hood kid who gave me his toy cars when he outgrew them.

This bright orange car has some scuffs on if from both of our childhoods. The roof sticker is a little worn around the edges. The Confederate Flag is still pretty clean, but the words General Lee are rubbing off. Both doors still feature the racing number 01. The car sits very low to the ground. I had a lot of fun with this car as a kid.


  1. I want one of the Jonny Lightening versions.

  2. I used to have this one and the Dixie Challenger from Hot Wheels.