Sunday, July 14, 2013

Flea Market Finds #15

I picked up the following 80's toy paper work in a lot for $10 a few weeks ago. I had already posted a Flea Market Finds that week so I held off on posting this stuff. I'm going out to breakfast and to see the Lone Ranger today with a buddy of mine and his father. No flea marketing for me today... bummer.

First up is a batch of Masters of the Universe Mini Comics. I have a few of these from when I was a kid, but I'm happy to add more to the collection.

*The Battle for Roboto

* The Warrior Machine

* Mantenna Menace of the Evil Horde!

* Spikor Strikes

More MOTU Mini Comics!

* Skeletor's Dragon

* The Treachery of Modulok

*Grizzlor - The Legend Comes Alive

*The Secret Liquid of Life
(Featuring Geldor who is getting a MOTUC figure soon)

This photo doesn't do this poster justice. I still have this poster from my childhood, but this one is in perfect condition. It's a huge fold out check list poster of all the figures released up to this point. The back shows off the vehicles and playsets.

It's huge and you can't even see 1/2 of it in this picture.

Wow, even more MOTU Mini Comics! One of them is one of the original ones that are more like story books!

*King of Castle Grayskull
Written by Don Glut and Drawn by Alfredo Alcala. This things is MOTU history.

*The Terror of Tri-Klops!

GI Joe Flag Point mail away flier titled Operation Deep Six.

I always liked the battle field accessories listed in this pamphlet. They looked cool displayed together in the environment someone painstakingly built for this photo shoot.

I photographed both sides of this Visionaries pamphlet just because I had never seen it before. I never had any figures from this line straight out of the package. They were like 5 1/2" GI Joes with Holograms on the torsos.


  1. I really want some Visionaries for my collection but they are so expensive online and usually incomplete.

  2. Things like these Mini-Comics and catalogs are so nice and very collectible too.