Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SDCC Preview Night

Well it's Wednesday night and the people lucky enough to be able to attend the San Diego Comic Con Preview Night are checking out some of the crazy cool new stuff that will be coming out this year.

Earlier today I saw a photo for a new Gentle Giant product, it was a Kenner style Hoth Wampa in scale with their 12" figures. This thing will be huge. I'm pretty excited about it. I love the Wampa. I'm sure it will be expensive, but a very cool item. It also makes me think that down the road we could get a really big Rancor!

The thing I'm most excited about from SDCC is the Mattypalooza Panel where they relieved the new Master of the Universe Classic Figures.

So here are a few predictions of things we might see at SDCC (just my predictions)

*Two- Bad (MOTUC)
*Horde Trooper (MOTUC)
*Jim Gordan (DC Signature)
*Cobra Stun Vehicle (GI Joe)
*Havoc Vehicle (GI Joe)
*Big Sand Crawler (Star Wars)
*Casey Jones (Nick TMNT)

Well we'll see if I got anything right.


  1. Well I've been looking all over the net for preview stuff. So far I'm happy with the MOTU stuff I've seen. I know they are holding back some awesome stuff for Mattypalooza. I was hoping to see some GI Joe preview stuff, but no luck. I like some of the DC stuff I'm seeing. I want to know what stuff will be at retail and what will be on Matty Collector.

  2. I think the Casey Jones is a shoe in because I heard this character is going to be on the Nick TMNT show this season and I think a Horde Trooper is finally in order from Matty so we just might see that too.

    Ma still thinking we are going to get more New Adventures of He-Man figures as well but I guess we shall have to wait and see. : )