Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Pop Culture T-Shirts

I buy nerdy t-shirts from time to time online. I like to check out different sites like T-Furry and Shirt Punch. These sites feature shirts designed by artist and are sold for a very limited time. Basically the shirts are available for one day and then they are gone. Pretty much at all times there are nerdy shirts available on these sites. I bought the following three from Shirt Punch.

The first shirt is a Star Wars / Pokemon shirt. It's a mash up of Boba Fett and Bulbasaur (Bobasaur). The image is printed on a dark bluish-gray shirt.

The next shirt is a cool Thundercats / Pokemon mash-up. This bright blue shirt features Pikachu versions of the heroes from Thundercats.

The third and my favorite shirt is a parody of Frosted Flakes with a Masters of the Universe twist. Kringer is standing in for Tony the tiger and is informing us that Eternia's Skull Castle is GR-R-RAY! I think this shirt is just GREAT! The design is printed on a dark green shirt. I had to use the flash to take this photos because I didn't have good lighting. The artwork on all three looks good, but the shirt colors didn't come through real well.


  1. I love getting tshirts. I have made some here myself in Mexico. Darn I gotta get a camera.