Sunday, June 9, 2013

Black Costume Spider-Man - Secret Wars

I have loved the Black Spider-Man Costume since the moment I saw it. It's so simple, but very dramatic. Because of this I have always wanted to own the Secret Wars figure. I looked at him several times when I was a teenager when I first got back into collecting toys after a short hiatus. He was always pretty expensive at this one toy dealer I'd go to. So I always put my money towards Vintage Star Wars figures instead. Well, I saw this guy at Wizard World Philly and had to get him. This figure is in amazing shape.

Now I finally have both Secret Wars Spider-Man figures. I really should try to pick up some more of these characters sometime. Like all the figures from the line he has five points of articulation and a very basic sculpt. All his details (and he doesn't have many) are painted on. Spidey has one oven hand and one closed fits. His legs are pre-posed. This makes him always look ready for action.


  1. I like this one, the red and blue one as well as the Baron Zemo from the line. As a kid my favorite one to use with during play sessions was Kang who fought both my Sgt. Rock and G.I. Joe Breaker figures.

  2. These are so hard to find online for a reasonable price.The cheapest i've seen it for is 20 bucks.I bought the glider w/black suit Spider-Man set as a kid!Loved it.Gotta snag this one up again and a Wolverine as well.

  3. I loved the Secret Wars figures. It's odd that they don't quite get the love that Super Powers does. I thought these guys were the coolest. I kept an Iron Man forever. I'm not sure when I lost him, but I remember losing him as a kid for several years in a shed. When I refound him in the old shed, I about flipped. Suddenly Iron Man was back in my adventures.

    Not sure how I ever lost him again. I've always wanted to rebuy a SW Iron Man since then. Alas, I've yet to do it. Always too expensive.

  4. I still own the one from when I was a kid. Great figure!