Monday, December 17, 2012

30th Anniversary He-Man DVD

I just received my copy of the 30th Anniversary Commemorative Collection Masters of the Universe DVD. from Mill Creek Entertainment. I won a copy of the boxed set in their fan video contest. They didn't use much of my video in the documentary. Oh well.The boxed set contains the Filmation cartoon, MYP (200x) cartoon, and some of the New Adventures Cartoon. The box features a cool sculpted Castle Grayskull.

The box has cool art all over, even on the inside of the box. It contains the DVDs, 
a CD of some of the music from the Filmation show. and a booklet. 

The box set also contained a gold version of the MOTUC Power Sword.

If you want to check out my entry to the video contest follow the link.


  1. Wow! I love winning contests....It only happened once but man...It was great.