Monday, December 10, 2012

Dr Octopus - Superhero Showdown

A few years ago (before Hasbro was cranking out 3 3/4 inch super heroes) I picked up this Dr. Octopus figure from the Superhero Showdown game. I love that he is wearing his costume from Secret Wars time period. The figure is nicely articulated. The only real down side is that his mechanical arms are kind of short and non-articulated rubber.

 He reminds me a lot of the the vintage Secret Wars figure. That figure also suffered from poorly articulated mechanical arms. The funniest thing about the original design of Doc Oc is his bowl hair cut. How do you take a super villain with a bowl cut seriously?


  1. Very nice looking figure of Doc Ock and is he in scale with your standard action figures?

    1. Yeah, he goes pretty well with the Marvel Universe guys.

  2. Greatness! Picked up a Doc Ock from the 3 3/4" Amazing Spide-Man line not long ago...