Saturday, December 1, 2012

Iceman - Mega Blocks

It's December... we need an icy treat.

For a long time I have been very close minded about what I call "Lego Knock Offs".  For many years I have been very anti Mega Blocks and Hasbro's Built-to-Rule toys (although I bought a few for the figures). Legos are the first and the best. As I stated, Hasbro chipped away at me a little when they came out with their own building toys that included GI Joe figures. The blocks still didn't hold together as well as Lego. Mega Blocks has been doing a lot of cool knights and monster figures for a while and then started doing licensed characters like Halo. Then Hasbro re-branded their blocks (not sure if they changed the design) and called them Kre-O. I bought a couple of Kre-O blind bag Transformers when I first got my lisence back. I bought four packs and ended up with two copies of two different characters. Kind of a let down, but the figures were cool. Then just recently I saw some Marvel Mega Blocks blind bags and Iceman was one of the characters. So, again I bought four. I ended up with three unique characters. Not as bad.

I had to try to get an Iceman, since he's my favorite X-Men character. Iceman is a clear figure who comes with a clear building brick base and a clear icicle weapon. He's a decent figure. I think he shares his sculpt with the Silver Surfer. He has a nice frosted look to him. These Mega Blocks figures have a nice amount of articulation.

Iceman in action!

When I got my package from Action Figs & Things and there was a bunch of Mega Blocks guys in there I had to laugh. Up until a week ago I was still anti Mega Blocks. Iceman and those new figures from ActionFig are making me see the light.


  1. Mega Bloks really does some good stuff much better than some of the K'Nex ones i have seen and are you planning on getting any of the Kre-O GI Joes when they come out?

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying some Kre-O GI Joes.

  2. That's cool! I was considering getting into the Joes when they come out but I might have to look into these guys a bit more.

  3. I'm gonna have ta pick some of these up Buzz if I can find em'.