Monday, December 24, 2012

She-Ra Cel from Bustatoons

James Eatock (aka Bustatoons)  is perhaps the most knowledgeable He-Man fan when it comes to the Filmation cartoon show. Right before I started the Action Figure Adventures blog, his The He-Man and She-Ra Blog was one of a handful of blogs I was reading on an almost daily basis. James' blog is one of the only ones of that group that is still being actively updated.

A while ago James held a comment contest where visitors to his blog got points for each meaningful comment left on a post (there were rules to define meaningful). When it was all said and done I had earned enough points to receive a free Filmation Cel. That cel just arrived today from England as a little Christmas Eve present.

This cel is from a She-Ra run cycle. There would have been dozens of other similar cels with her arms and legs in different positions. Then when photographed in order She-Ra would appear to run. In an action show like She-Ra we would see these stock running sequences used frequently. I find it interesting that this cel has no hand written markings at the top or bottom. Most of the Filmation Cels I own have marking to indicate the show or episode they were used in. Some just say stock because they are sequences that are reused.

 Here is a close-up of  She-Ra from the cel.

 Thank you very much James! If anyone is into He-Man and She-Ra you should check out his blog. He post mostly about the Cartoon, UK Comics, and some of the story books from back in the day.


  1. I watched a few episodes of it. When they were going to release toys I got excited but never got any. Oh well...Perhaps they will release a 3 inch line for the future. Congrads on the cell!

    1. The toys were geared for girls and didn't really look much like the characters from the cartoon. Thanks!

    2. I just got an email from James and figured I post the information he passed on.

      "Glad to see it arrived safe and sound - Enjoy your She-Ra cel! :)

      With regards to the lack of markings on the bottom of the cel - My guess is that this stock comes from a LONG pan cel - It was probably trimmed at some point to a standard cel size, hence why the numbers are missing...

      The way in which the stock pan cels were kept is pretty horrifying, thus it was trimmed as the ends were more than likely damaged..."