Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dr. Doom - Secret Wars

Dr. Doom was the only villain from the Secret Wars line that owned fresh from the store. The others I have were bought at yard sales. I really enjoyed this figure as a kid without really even knowing anything about him. I was aware of comics, but not really actively reading them during Secret Wars. The toy line and related merchandise is what introduced me to the Marvel Universe. I enjoyed reading Secret Wars comics later on as a child, and then again in college.

 Doom came with two guns and a silver shield. Only the smaller gun is pictured. The larger weapon was lost years ago. I like that the gun can be clipped to his leg or back. Dr. Doom has a nice jet pack sculpted on his back, He originally had black details on his torso, but they are almost completely rubbed off at this point. He looks a fair amount different from his comic appearance because he is missing his cape and tunic look. They used fairly standard parts for these figures. Most did not receive very many unique parts.

Doom came with several cardboard images that could be placed inside the shield. This accessory took advantage of lenticular technology that was popular at the time. Each piece contained two images that would appear depending on how you held the shield.The insert pictured above features a close up and wide image of Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom and Snout Spout (from Masters of the Universe)
 must get their gloves from the same company.


  1. I was always bothered by mine with lack of cape.

  2. Was one of the few SW figures i was lacking as a kid.

  3. The only three Secret Wars figures I owned as a kid were Doom, Wolverina and Iron Man, and somehow that was enough for plenty of back yard adventures!

  4. Still own the one from when I was a kid. Cool figure.