Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Toys for Tots

As you can tell I love toys. I also love to give toys to kids and trying to foster a love for toys in them. For the past eight years students in my high school woodworking classes have made wooden toys to be distributed to needy kids in the area. We build lots of wooden helicopters, trucks, cars, checkerboards, and tic-tac-toe games. In the town I work and live in there is a place called the Ivins Outreach Center which primarily connects people in need with the appropriate available agencies. They are also one of the places that distribute the toys the Marines collect in their Toys for Tots barrels. The people at Ivins have distributed my students hand made toys along with the store bought toys each year. I always drop something in the Toys for Tots barrel every year at Toys R Us. This year I decided I wanted to get a bunch of stuff and take it straight to Ivins. It's kind of funny, but I like that I know it stays local. These toys could be going to one of my current student's little brothers or a future student of mine.

So here's what I picked up to give away. I got good deals at Ollie's and 5 Below this year.

 Two different Superman/Batman Public Enemies 3-packs.
(I wish there was a villain in both packs)

Three basic and three deluxe Green Lantern Figures. 
(I actually bought an additional basic figure who is not pictured on a different
 trip to Ollie's Bargain Warehouse)

The Tower of Omens was on clearnace at Toys R Us.
Lion 2.0, Tygra, Panthro 2.0, and Mumm-Ra were all picked up at 5 Below


  1. Oh man...I am missing ALL of those! Darn I wish I was a needy kid...

    1. ha ha, hey let me know when you get the package I sent you. I'm not sure how long it will take to get to Mexico. The Thundercats are the only figures in this post that I own.

  2. OOOOOH The Tower Of Omens!Outstanding act of kindness Kev,good going!

  3. Most excellent Kev kids should not do with out this time of the year and Toys for Tots is a wonderful program for sure.