Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lethal Impact Bane

Lethal Impact Bane was part of the Legends of the Dark Knight toy line. He's a massive figure that suffers slightly from being pre-posed and including an action feature. I picked this figure up at a yard sale many years ago. He is missing his accessories and has a few paint scuffs. Bane originally came with some additional Venom Tubes that connected to his head, arms, and back. He also came  with a weapon that snapped on his arm. When you press a button on his back, Bane's left arm snaps up in a punching action.

One of the most interesting things about this figure to me is the inclusion of long hair coming out from under his mask. I think it is an unusual choice on the part of the sculptor or design team. Bane is a rather large figure but topples over very easily due to his odd stance and the bulkiness of his torso.


  1. Agreed! He was my Bane figure for years but I never understood the long hair..

  2. With that long hair could it be Fabio under that mask lol.

  3. While I'm partial to the BTAS Bane, this onbe looke pretty cool, long hair and all.