Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spirit v1 - GI Joe '84

Spirit was one of my favorite figures as a kid. I loved all the Joes that came with pets. My original Spirit figure came from a neighbor who gave me some toys he out grew. This Spirit and his accessories were pretty worn. Eventually I upgraded to a nicer copy of the character.

Spirit comes with a Loin Cloth Belt, Green Back Pack, Green Dart Gun (Tan one pictured is from a weapons packd his Brow) ann and White Eagle Freedom. As a kid the worn Spirit I owned was armed with a weapon pack gun and back pack and a Freedom without any feet. I eventually replaced Freedom and the Back Pack. I still need to get his real gun. As a kid I bought Raptor over Roadblock v2 because I wanted his bird to use with my Spirit. The gold paint on his bracelets is very delicate and the green paint on his belt chips easily.

Spirit was just a cool looking figure, and was awesome in the GIJoe cartoon. He took on Storm Shadow more often than Snake-Eyes did. One last fun fact, Spirit is the only GI Joe I know of that does not have a belt buckle sculpted on his waist piece. I used this frequently in my custom figures for my  stop motion animated show Animation Creation.


  1. I too used Spirit a lot. The lone wolf angle is something I always liked. Plus he reminded me of the cool Native Americans I met as a kid and thier spiritualness always reflected in my play with him.

  2. I loved Spirit reading the GI JOE comic book. Specifically issue 31. Spirit is featured there.

  3. Am still missing this one for my collection but I will get him someday for sure.

  4. Always wanted this one as a kid.I think i ended up with the Slaughters Marauders version.Really wanted the original,though.

  5. I loved this guy.
    But I dont remember his suit being like that...

    1. He was repainted as part of Slaughter's Marauders. You may be thinking of that version of the figure.