Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sven - Voltron

As a kid I loved Voltron. I watched the show and had a set of die-cast lions that could be combined to form a giant robot. Unfortunately I barely remember the cartoon. I was so young when it was on. I honestly don't remember Sven at all. When Mattel announced their new Voltron Subscription last year for a gigantic Voltron and all the pilots I had to get it. I planned to open all the toys, but when they announced later that the subscription exclusive figure was coming carded instead of boxed I decided to keep him sealed.

Sven, like the pilots comes with both a helmeted and un-helmeted head. He also comes with a key to the Blue Lion that serves as a figure stand. His packaging is done in the style of the vintage figure line.


  1. How cool! My buddy Chad would like this.

  2. I don't remember him either. But the show is on my DVD want list.

  3. I bought the first four volumes of Voltron when they first came out on VHS in the early 2000s (I think). Without fail, the episodes would put me to sleep when I watched them.

    They were so much cooler when I was a kid XD

    1. hmm... uh-oh. I just ordered all 5 volumes on DVD. There are a lot of "great" 80's & 90's cartoons that are fun to watch an episode or two of, but put me to sleep as an adult.