Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shredder - TMNT

I was a huge fan of the vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line. When I transitioned from playing with toys to collecting toys I sold off almost all my TMNT figures because I was focusing on GI Joe and Star Wars. Now I miss a lot of the toys I sold off and pick them up at flea markets when I can. So here is my yard sale Shredder. I have a few serious questions for both the sculptor and the person who created the paint master for this figure.

The Shredder is very muscular but yet extremely skinny. He has a very odd crouched stance that has left a generation of kids wondering what he is doing. So I would love to find out if they made him crouch so he could "appear" to be taller than the Turtles but still fit in the standard blister bubble. So that is what I would ask the Sculptor. I have two questions for the person who created the paint master. My first question would be... Since Shredder is wearing skin tight black pants, why not paint his torso and arms black as well? I always thought it was odd that he was bare chested as a kid. He was always fully clothed in the cartoon. My second question for the painter would have to do with his helmet and eyebrows. Why was the front ridge of his helmet painted flesh tone with eyebrows? Did you not realize that it was his helmet or did he not seem evil without eyebrows? Okay... I know that's really three questions for the painter, but I really want to know why. I also want to find another one and paint him up differently.

Shredder came with a purple cloth cape, a removable rubber black belt, and a small katana for accessories. His arms and legs feature rubbery blades that are none removable. I loved this figure as a kid even though he was a little weird. This was the only version of Shredder I ever owned. I didn't get into the movie figures and I was out of the line by the time they issued the "Toon" Turtles.


  1. Yeah I always thought he was "Odd" looking too.

  2. I still have all of my original TMNT figures. One of my fav lines as a kid.