Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Evil-Lyn - MOTU

Evil-Lyn was the second female character in the vintage Masters of the Universe line. She shares a body with Teela. Her head and weapon are her only unique parts. Evil-Lyn is very striking with bright yellow skin and a two-tone blue outfit.

Evil-Lyn comes with a light blue staff. The weapon has a very cool sculpt. It is a ball and claw design like the old bathtub feet. Like the male figures, the female masters have one open hand and on closed hand that can hold a weapon.She's a cool figure, now I want to find a Teela for my collection.


  1. I always felt guilty having her...Like I shouldn't have a girl action figure.

  2. My favorite of the female action figures from the He-Man/She-Ra lines. Just a great character.