Sunday, April 7, 2013

GI Joe: Retaliaion 2D

My Dad and I went to see GI Joe last night. This time I saw it in 2D, and you aren't missing out on anything. In fact, it was worth missing the few cool depth things to not have the annoying stuff like people's shoulders in your face in the President's office. I also think that CGI stuff looks more fake in 3D. It pops out more and makes it harder for my brain to believe it's real. I liked the trailer for Modern Star Trek 2 in 2D more than 3D also.


  1. Glad I saw it in 2D but am thinking of seeing the new Star Trek in 3D however. I thought it might be cool this way.

  2. I was wondering whether the 3d would be worth it or not. Considering the development of the film, I thought the 3d would be a bit poor, and its good to know that you din't miss anything on the 2d. So, when I eventually get to it, 2d it is!

    Cheers my good man.

  3. Have yet to see this in anyD :( Can't wait too :)