Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Toy Hunters!

Well, Toy Hunters is back on. While I don't like every aspect of the show, I do enjoy seeing rare toys and learning about ones I've never seen before. On tonight's episode Jordan bought a box Playset Eternia from Masters of the Universe. This playset is huge and rare because it was from the end of the line. He also bough some cool Six Million Dollar Man and Buck Rodgers toys.

I've got to say that the guy who built storage under his stairs is kind of crazy. Why not just build an access door on the side. That was very strange and is probably against code.

They have also been showing a "Wonder Bread He-Man" figure in the ads. I can't wait to see the episode that features him. I want to know if Jordan has any information on it. Since know one has and hard and fast proof that he was actually a Wonder Bread promotion.