Thursday, March 28, 2013

Armatron - Z-Bots

This little robot was my favorite toy from the Z-bots line. I didn't know that these robots had names as a kid, but with the power of the internet I know it's called Armatron. In Elementary School my one teacher used to allow us to earn "play money" for doing various things. Then at certain times of the year we could cash the money in for candy or small toys. I bought this guy in 3rd grade when I was at the height of my playing with vintage Star Wars figures phase. This little droid helped the Rebels out of many sticky situations.

Armatron is a predominately white robot with two legs, a football shaped body and twin chin guns. It has a small "head" on top of the body with that appear to be eyes.


  1. I actually had a few Z-Bots in recent years but I guess they really did appeal to me because I have pass them along to someone else now.

    1. Yeah, I only owned a few and they were all ones that were not very humanoid.