Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Faceless One - MOTUC

The Faceless One is one of my favorite characters created for the 200x He-Man cartoon. He's powerful, interesting, and important to the back story of other characters. He was not a top priority for me when I first started collection MOTU Classics, but soon I just had to have all the figures.

The Faceless One is a great blend of new and reused parts. He looks really evil and very imposing. He comes with an awesome "glowing" Havoc Staff and his magical Ram Stone. Some people have complained that his face is too detailed for a guy called Faceless. I don't mind. Most times nicknames or code names take a feature to the extreme.

This guys has cool looking armor and awesome accessories. He's not a must have, but is so great.


  1. Replies
    1. yep, and the guy Keldor gets the Havoc Staff from.

  2. He does look cool. What are his powers?

  3. I've been eyeing on this one and Count Marzo, but I want to get all the MOTUC pioneering characters first before moving to the later ones.