Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Riddler - DC Universe Classics

The Riddler was one of the first DC Universe Classics figures I ever picked up. He is from the wave of figures that included parts to make the collect and connect Bane figure. I'm previously posted about just about all the other characters from that wave. This Riddler figure is dressed in his green body suit covered in back question marks. He has a purple mask and gloves. The only accessory the figure came with was a gold question mark cane (not pictured). This figure is pretty generic have only a unique head. The head sculpt is nice... he has an interesting smirk.


  1. Thats one Buff Riddler ! His smirk is cool, like he's daring Batman to take him on :)

  2. Yeah this Riddler was shot with VENOM just like in the comic leading up to Knightfall!

  3. I would of liked to have seen him a bit thinner because he really is buff.