Monday, September 9, 2013

Battle Force 2000 - Vintage Sales Flyer

Nine years ago, when I started teaching at the school I work at, I did a lot of cleaning up. In the finishing room of the wood shop there were stacks and stacks of newspapers. We frequently need to cover tables to keep finish or paint off of them. I was straightening up the papers and I decided to peek to see what the oldest ones were in the pile. They were from the 80's... I couldn't believe it. In with the papers were a few sales flyers and I naturally looked through for toys. I clipped both of these adds for GI Joe Battle Force 2000 toys. How crazy are those prices? I'd love to buy boxed Joes for less than ten bucks.

I love the display in this lower add. How awesome is that little scene? I like that they have the jets "flying". They don't really do this kid of adds anymore, but I think that would be a great job to design and create these displays for photographing the toys.

I can't believe that you could get the entire Future Fortress for like $60. No one I know ever had all six vehicles to be able to build the fortress. I think as a kid if I got together with two other friends we had the six vehicles between the three of us.


  1. Makes you wish you had a time machine doesn't it?

    1. Your comment reminds me of a topic I wanted to blog about some time. Perhaps tomorrow...