Monday, September 16, 2013

Retro Con Cos-Players

Well there certainly were a lot of people in costumes at Retro Con this year. I didn't take pictures of even half of the people dressed up as all sorts of characters. Many were very clearly homemade while others appeared to be extremely professional. There was a 501st Star Wars group as well as a GI Joe costume club set up in the lobby of the convention.

Sharknado, Flash Gordon, and a Tuskin Raider

Beach Head, Snake-Eyes, (GI Joe comic author Larry Hama is in the background)  and Buzzer

Dr. Who Characters and a Red Power Ranger

Ram Man and Unemployed Skeletor (of Internet fame)

Sgt. Slaughter and Roadblock

Batman, Robin, Harley, and Bane


  1. Never thought of dressing up as a Joe character!

  2. That Tuskin Raider reminds me to look for one in action figure form for the collection.

  3. Sharknado and Sgt.Slaughter for the win!