Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fright Features Janine Melnitz

Janine Melnitz was the Ghostbusters' secretary in both the live-action movie and Real Ghostbusters cartoon. On one or two occasions in the cartoon she got to suit up with the boys and do some busting. While not screen accurate this figure represents Janine in a ghostbusting uniform. He cartoon outfit was more orange while her toy outfit is pink.

Janine features four main points of articulation at the shoulders and hips. When her right arm is raised it triggers an internal mechanism that activates her "Fight Feature".

Janine came with two accessories. Just like the rest of the Fright Features characters, she came with a ghost companion and a ghostbusting device. Her not-a-proton pack was a yellow gun with a comb end. I lost it years ago as a kid, so it is not pictured.

As mentioned before, when Janine's Fright Feature is activated her eyes (and glasses) pop out of her head. Her jaw drops and a section of her hair stands on end.

I never thought her features was the funniest or most extreme of all the figures from this series. It's cute, but her hair looks odd when it lifts up. She has a large void in her head.

The only real detailed paint apps on the figure are her blue earrings, fine eyebrows, and Ghostbusters Logo on her arm.

Even though Janine is dressed in her Ghostbusters cover-all I usually just had her sit around the Fire House and answer the phone.

Janine's little ghost companion/adversary is a chubby little purple ghost with gigantic lips. This goofy little ghost also has a tuft of rooted red hair. The packaging refers to this ghost as the Tickler Ghost. It's made of a translucent purple plastic and it's rooted air works with the comb like gun that came with Janine.


  1. I loved this Janine. I mean they really knew how to draw a dorky girl into this line. I was the annoying kid that was like, "Oh! A pink jumpsuit!" lol The Fright Features series was a really fun series though. I enjoyed reading this! Hope you are having a nice week!

    1. Yeah, I saw you posted about the same figure as well. I went out of my way to get this figure as a kid because I always wanted all the supporting characters. I always wanted an Alfred to go with my '89 Batman figure. Thanks, and I am having a nice week so far!

  2. I want to get a complete set of the Super Fright Features ones i really like the design of those.

    1. Egon is the only Fright Features figure I'm missing, but I don't have any of the Super Fright Features.