Monday, September 23, 2013

Beach Head - Funskool

For a time in the early 2000's it was easy to get the India versions of GI Joe figures made by Funskool using the old Hasbro molds. I bought a handful of them back then and opened them up. They were kind of cool, but their paint apps are often sloppy and the quality of the plastic they are molded in is sub-par. I have a few carded Funskool figures in my collection, mostly one that feature the classic packaging art work. At Retro Con I happen to see a carded Beach Head and decided to pick him up. I love that classic card art, it takes me back to the day I opened my original Beach Head. Like many of the Funskool figures this Beach Head features a funky paint scheme. Check out that bright green shirt and mask.

Beach Head is now preserved in a Zoloworld case and hanging on a wall in my toy room with Funskool Flint, Barbeque, and Zartan. Notice that his package says International Heroes instead of Real American Heroes.

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  1. I think if i ever had any of these i would leave them card because they just look cool that way.