Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Skeletor - New Adventures of He-Man

In the 90's Mattel tried to revamp Masters of the Universe with a toyline simply called He-Man. Fans often refer to this line as New Adventures (NA) because of the cartoon series that went with the toys. As a kid I owned one NA figure and one vehicle, both of which I bough at yard sales. Both of those are long gone. Last Summer I bought the Starship Eternia and two loose figures on ebay. At Retro Con I bought a 3rd NA figures, this being a complete NA Skeletor.

In the cartoon Skeletor's body is damaged and he is repaired with cybernetic parts, ala Darth Vader. You can see he has a metal plate attached to his chest. There are other cables and wires sculpted on him. He comes with three accessories, a gold helmet, a gold staff, and a magenta soft goods cape.

The epic battle between Good & Evil continues in outer space.


  1. I think this line is very underrated by a lot of folks because there really was some neat designs to these figures. I want a complete New Adventures He-Man for myself at some point and will most likely get a Classics one too maybe for Christmas this year.

  2. Oh the humanity! I was out of Heman by the time this rolled around. I remember being at Lionel Playworld when these came out I was rolling my eyes. Oh well. I wanna see others.

  3. Can't wait to see what MOTUC NA Skeletor will look like.

  4. AhHHAhHA these look awful, sorry! But I would still buy them if found.