Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Double "Trouble" Mischief - MOTUC

This just in from Matty Collector,  Double Mischief has arrived. She's the first figure from the Club Etheria subscription service. I think she's the character announced for the She-Ra mini-sub so far that I was least excited about. Double Mischief is a female Man-E-Faces with one less face.

Double Mischief is based on a vintage She-Ra figured called Double Trouble. Mattel had some issues getting the name, so she's got a new monicker. She is dressed in a mint green outfit with a clear cape. She has silver and gold details and an extremely long ponytail coming out the top of her helmet.

Double Mischief's big feature is her two faces. She has a happy face and a sinister face. As an interesting accessory she has a double sided crossbow. Double Mischief is a cousin to Glimmer and to help the Great Rebellion she spies on the Evil Horde by pretending to be a Horde loyalist.

Here's a shot of Double Mischief without her helmet. Obviously she's not meant to be displayed this way, but it's interesting to sort of see the sculpt underneath. The original prototype looked better than the final result. By the end of all the design and molding work DM's chin came out flat with her collar. It's kind of unfortunate. 


  1. I have to admit I watched the first season of She-Ra. That was about it. I never wanted the figures. But Mattel has made them cool. In the early days they were definitely girly toys. Mattel has really upped the ante on them.

    1. I watched She-Ra, it was like He-Man season 3 to me. My sister had the She-Ra doll, but none of the other characters. If they matched the He-Man figures (ie: Bow looked like He-Man and She-Ran looked like Teela) I would have wanted some of the characters.

  2. Never really watched She-Ra and have only seen clips of the show over the years so this is a character i didn't know about.

  3. I like this character more or less just because of the color and the fact that its a female figure helps a let as well.