Monday, July 28, 2014

Ecto-2 - The Real Ghostbusters

Ecto-2 is a small helicopter (autogyro) the Ghostbusters used to battle ghosts from the air. In the Real Ghostbusters cartoon it fits inside the back of Ecto-1. It's a fun little toy that reminds me or the Cobra Fang and kind of looks like it could be a TMNT vehicle.

The Ecto-2 has fold down door/wings. Spinning red rotor blades  (missing one) that are activated by squeezing the trigger under the tail. The helicopter also has a rescue winch that really works to raise and lower figures or other items. Ecto-2 also came with a small red bomb (missing) that attaches to the bottom under the driver.

Ecto-2 is a really nice vehicle. It looks like they built it out of the front half of a motorcycle with some other parts. A good friend of mine had it as a kid and I played with it a lot. I got this one in a lot of ebay a while back when I was buying an action figure for a stop motion video project.


  1. Seems like one would be vunerable to ghost possession being that it has no protection. Either that or bugs in the mouth.

  2. I had a bare bones one of these a long while ago I think I ended up giving it to someone who was going to do some sort of custom job on it.

    1. Cool, one of my local friends (and facebook followers) is going to give me a spare rotorblade they had.

  3. Nice!I've got that Venkman on my watch list on Ebay!