Friday, July 18, 2014

Genghis Frog - TMNT

Genghis Frog was one of many anthropamorhic characters to join the Ninja Turtles cast through out the 80's and 90's. Originally he was tricked by Shredder to be bad guy Ganghis quicly changed sides and joined the Turtles.

Genghis has a great sculpt and is one of the more friendly looking characters from the entier toyline. Many of the other animal characters look rather pissed off. This bright green frog is dressed in a blue Hawaiian shirt. Genghis Frog's accessories include a Tongue Gun, Radica Razord-sharp Boogie Board, Surfin' Shades, Beach Bandolier (belt) with Cola Can Grenades.

 I had Genghis an all his accessories as a kid. He was sold off with most of my Turtles in middle school. This one came in a small collection of Turtles figures my Mom picked up at a yard sale for me a year or so ago.


  1. Hey I just broke one of him no more then an hour ago! Im hoping they release an updated version of him.

    1. Tinkering with his legs to get him to stand. He just popped apart at the seem like had never been glued together.

  2. It's like If Chuckles mutated!

  3. I really wish they would've released all 4 of the frogs from that episode, the did bring out Napoleon Bona Frog as well, but why not the other ones, I think it's about time.