Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby Skeletor from Robot Chicken

Baby Skeletor is literally a baby doll turned into a Masters of the Universe product. Inspired by a couple of sketches from Robot Chicken, Baby Skeletor is the funniest toy released in 2014.

He comes with a Havoc Staff rattle and a removable t-shirt that says "Born to Rule!!"

There has been a lot of fans giving Mattel flack about this toys, but I love this doll! His face is far more cute than any Skeletor we've ever seen before.

I got a lot of smiles and questions about this little guy at Too Many Games over the weekend. I had lots of Cosplayers taking photos with this blue baby.

In the sketches on Robot Chicken, Skeletor doesn't wear a shirt. So he's a shot of him looking a little more screen accurate.


  1. Like i was telling you before Kevin i did realize this was a Robot Chicken related thing so it makes sense to me know why they made this.