Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'89 Batmobile - Ertl

I recently re-watched the '89 Tim Burton Batman film and so I decided to post about this die-cast toy. I've always thought this Batmobile was bad ass. I had various toys based on this design as a kid in different scales. Ertl put out this die-cast car, but it always seemed just a little to big to mix in with my Hot Wheels  and Matchbox cars. So it was kind of hard to find other cars to use with it. I also always thought it was a little odd that they had to add the non-movie accurate bat-symbol on the roof. This Batmobile is a super .low-rider. I'm kind of amazed it didn't scrape bottom going over the hills to the Batcave.


  1. the 89' Batman movie is my favorite of all the Batman ones and i would rank the Batmobile from it my second favorite after the 66' version. : )

  2. I am sure Bruce Wayne with all his money got them to remove all the hills leading to his house. Speedbumps too.

  3. They added the non-movie accurate bat-symbol on the roof for branding I am sure. Just in case you didn't know who drove it. : )