Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dollar General Ninja Turtles

I've posted about recently available Dollar General GI Joe, Batman, and Transformer figures, but today I am posting about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys I bought there. Before anyone gets too excited, I bought all of these more than 10 years ago. Over the course of about a year I picked up Turtle Mini-Figures in three different styles.

 The first four figures I got were retro style turtles. These guys are based on the original TMNT figures. All four Turtles are identical sculpts with unique paint jobs. They have 5 points of articulation can came with no accessories. I bought Raph, Leo, and Mikey while I actually worked at Dollar General for a few months one summer during college. I don't know why Donny sold out first, but I was able to track one down eventually.

A few months after I purchased the first three retro style Turtles I found these 2000's style Ninja Turtles Characters alongside the Retro Donny I was missing. I picked up two Foot Soldiers, Shredder, April O' Neil, and Splinter. I didn't see any 2000's Turtles there. Again these figures have 5 PoA, came with no accessories, and are about 2" tall.

 On another trip to Dollar General I found three of the four Turtles from the CGI movie TMNT. I did stop back a few times at a couple of different Dollar General locations, but I couldn't find Leo. It's kind of funny because at the beginning of TMNT Leo has left his life in the sewer and the three Turtles below are left behind. Again these mini-figures have 5 PoA and are about 2" tall. This time around the Turtles have their weapons, but they are sculpted into their hands and can not be removed.

Just for fun here is  a picture of the standard 5" Shredder figure holding the DG Mini-Figure. This picture kind of cracks me up because it looks like Shredder is carrying a doll of himself.

It looks like Splinter caught a rat in the lair.

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