Monday, December 30, 2013

Echo Base - Action Figure Set Up

As a follow up to yesterday's post about Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot, here is a photo taken back in the day. My buddy Derek and I used to love to arrange our toys and take photos of them. We called this practice "Set Ups". This was taken in the early 90's. Almost every weekend Derek would bring a ton of Star Wars toys over to my house and we would play in my basement. Here the GI Joe Mobile Command Center is standing in as Echo Base. All of the snow trooper GI Joe and Cobra figures are bolstering the ranks of the Rebel Forces. We used a lot of elements from the movies but never really played out the exact plot of any of the Star Wars films. You can see here that all the Rebels are on Hoth, including the Ewoks and Bespin people.

I mentioned yesterday that our Star Wars collections were all 2nd hand. Check out Derek's Millennium Falcon. This thing was just a shell. The only two removable piece it had were the ramp and top hatch (cover). There is no windshield, no chess table, no gun, no radar dish. We didn't care and put a ton of miles on that hunk of junk.

All that other rambling aside... The reason I posted this photo is so you can all see how I solved the problem of not owning an X-Wing Fighter. I built one out of Constructs. These were an 80's building toys more similar to K'Nex than Lego. I eventually built two Constructs X-Wings for myself. I built an AT-ST out of Constructs at Derek's house one time.


  1. Nice set up and fun to do, gets all the toys played with. Speaking of Construx, I love what this chap has done.

    1. Wow, he built some cool stuff. That X-Wing and a base I built for the 4th and 5th episode of Action Figure Adventures (The Series) are the only documented projects I have built from Construx


  2. I like seeing these old set-ups pictures reminds me of things i would build and set-up for my action figures way back when. : )

  3. How funny!I too had the Millenium Falcon "shell" as a kid.The only accessory I remember it having was the chess table.At that time I didn't have any Star Wars figures so Mainfraim was my pilot.