Friday, December 6, 2013

Feldspar - Crystar: Crystal Warriror

Over the Summer I bought a bunch of figures from the Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior line at the NJCC. I just recently picked up a second Feldspar off of ebay. Feldspar is the Uncle of the two fighting princes in the story for the toy line. He is half crystal and half lava and stays neutral to the war between his nephews.

 Feldspar came with three accessories. He has a crystal flail, and lava while, and a crystal scepter I wonder why they made Feldspar as such a short character. It seems like an odd design choice to me.


  1. I miss my Crystar! He was a great figure - I keep telling myself I need to track one down again, but they aren't cheap complete, and he would have to be complete because his accessories are so cool too!

  2. Used to have this one too Kevin. Remco really did a good job on these plus i used have a comic book about these from Marvel as well.