Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ellie Sattler - Jurasic Park

Ellie Sattler was the female lead in the 90's hit Jurassic Park. I only owned a few JP toy as a kid, and the humans were not my top priority. I'd rather have my GI Joes fight the dinos. I picked up this Ellie figure years ago at a yard sale. I though maybe I'd use her in a stop motion project as a generic female sometime. For a 90's female figure she actually looks fairly decent. I'm glad sculpting and molding have improved to the point that female action figures finally look attractive. Ellie came with a grappling hood launcher, a radio backpack, and a baby triceratops. I don't have any of her accessories, so none of them are pictured below. Don't forget to "Look for the mark of Jurassic Park!"

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  1. I had her too! But I had long not had my Joes for the Dinos to eat...