Saturday, December 28, 2013

Evil-Lyn - MOTUC

Evil-Lyn is Skeletor's right-hand woman. She's helped him out in a pinch on several occasions, and kind of screwed him over a few times as well. I'm not a huge fan of the yellow skin-tone, but it is vintage figure accurate. I first bought the Battle Ground version of the character, but later picked up this vintage style Evil-Lyn when Matty Collector had a sale a while ago.

 Evil-Lyn shares her entire body sculpt with Teela, except for her head. She came with her bird Screeech including his armor and stand. Evil-Lyn also came with her magic wand with two different length staffs and a knife based on her 200x figure.

 I love that the top piece of Evil-Lyn's wand is molded in transparent plastic. Like the entire Masters of the Universe Classics line, she's a great action figure.


  1. I can still hear her voice from the cartoon.

  2. one of the MOTUC villains I'm still working on getting.

  3. I picked this one up when I could, but I passed on getting the BG Evil-Lyn. I think a big seller on this version verses the other was the fact that the Vintage Evil-Lyn has Screech.