Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Luke & Taun Taun - Star Wars PotF2

Well, we are off from school today for a snow day. It's really coming down out there. I'm warm inside watching Star Wars as I always do on a snow day. Today I'm watching Revenge of the Sith. I love the first 8 minutes of the movie. I really enjoy Obi-Wan in this film and the final lightsaber battle between him and Anakin is tons of fun.

Today's post is a photo I took last winter of Luke riding his Taun Taun. These are from the 90's Power of the Force (2) line. The Taun Taun has a great sculpt and paint job. The pose the creature is in is much more screen accurate than the vintage toy. This PotF Luke Skywalker in Hoth Battle Gear has additional articulation. Unlike just about every other figure from the line, Luke has knee joints to help him ride his beast.