Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wade Shaw's A Comic Madness Christmas

Over the past year I have transitioned from one local comic shop to another. As a kid comics stores came and went frequently, but Cyborg1 in Doylestown had staying power and I bought Magic: The Gathering cards, Warhammer 40,000 table top miniatures, and comics there for a long time (around 15 years). When I bought my own home and hour from where I grew up is got harder to stop by Cyborg. Kids from the school I work at would talk about Wade's Comic Madness. I checked the place out once or twice, but didn't really buy much other than an occasional back issue. I actually got involved with the "Comic Madness Community" when I walked in the Levittown St. Patty's Day Parade last year. I kept my monthly pull file and Cyborg and eventually started getting books pulled at both stores. I kept all my old titles at Cyborg (Batman, GIJoe, etc) and when I started reading Superior Spider-Man and All New X-Men  I had them pulled at the Madness. I am loyal to a fault and after living down here for over 4 years I finally broke official ties with Cyborg. I still love that store, and really like the owner, James. It's just so much more convenient going to a shop 10 minutes away instead of 40.

The owner of the Madness and the manager have been making very funny promotional videos for Holiday Sales and Free Comic Book Day for a couple of years. They are all very entertaining and make Wade out to be a larger than life "Super Hero". Wade and Jon put together a Christmas Special as a sort of fairwell video. Jon is moving to the West Coast and leaving the store after 10 years of employment.

I know that part of the charm of the video is that I know a lot of the people in it, but I think the story is fun even if you do miss a few of the in-jokes.

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  1. Stopping in at one of our Comic Book Shops today to take a look around. : )