Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catwoman - Batman Returns

Batman Returns was the sequel to 1989's smash hit Batman. This was the movie that started the trend of comic book movies containing two main villains. Today's post focuses on the sexier of the two villains from Batman Returns. Catwoman is dressed in her stitched up black leather outfit and features 5 points of articulation. For an early 90's action figures she's pretty attractive. Often times 80's and 90's female figures just looked off.

I picked this figure up at a yard sale as a kid, but she originally came with a whip and a spring-loaded "taser" missile launcher. The whip is a great accessory, but the taser launcher is pretty ridiculous Catwoman's boots have sculpted  high heels. The heels combined with her action stance makes her fall over pretty easily..


  1. Batman Returns in my personal opinion too started the trend of terrible Batman movies until we got the Nolan Trilogy with Bale.