Monday, October 21, 2013

Toy Hunter - Halloween Edition

Toy Hunter on Travel Channel was back this week with a special Halloween Edition. Jordan was buy for a Horror Convention in Ohio and for the Guitarist from Metallica. I'm not a huge fan of how he's always buying for a celebrity client this season, but at least this time we got to see Kirk's collection. That makes it more worth while, if the client is a true collector  (like Gene from KISS). It's a little more fun that when he shopped for the guy from the Partridge Family or the nerd comedian. I enjoyed the first stop in the episode. The guy they were buying from had tons of Filmation Ghostbusters including the Ghost Buggy and Head Quarters. Jordan bought some Blurp Balls off the guy. I had to laugh. My buddy, Derek, growing up loved those weird toys like Blurp Balls and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. He also bought some Super Natural figures. Later on he bought some horror movie posters and masks.


On a side note, the Haunted Attraction I work at got a great review this weekend. I figured I'd share it.
The location has three attractions. I work for the farmers that own the property and we run the Hayride and Field of Fright. Another group of people run the Haunted House.

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  1. Toy Hunter was fun this week and i will check out the review on the Haunted Attraction later to day after work. : )