Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Luke Skywalker - Vintage Star Wars

 I remember buying my vintage Luke Skywalker used at a local comic shop as a kid. I was kind of excited to have him because my best buddy Derek didn't have him. Derek's Star Wars collection at a time was much larger than mine.

Like my entire childhood Star Wars collection, I did not have Luke's lightsaber. I armed him with a blue toothpick. In the end, I think that toothpick was much cooler than the actual plastic lightsaber that was included with look.

A New Hope Luke (aka Farm Boy Luke) was my go to Luke figure until I got Jedi Luke. I never got the Bespin Luke until long after I was done "playing" with my action figures.

 Like the rest of the A New Hope figures that where armed with lightsabers, Luke has a channel up his arm for the little plastic weapon to slide inside. I picked up Luke's actual lightsaber at a yard sale one time with a Ben Kenobi figure. Like many used samples the small tip is a little bent.


  1. Would love to add a vintage Luke to the collection.I've got my eye on a vintage Chewie.

  2. They are on my list. My um.....ever growing list...

  3. Just saw one of these over the weekend. : )

  4. i didn't appreciate the smart simplicity of the channel-arm lightsaber as much during my youth as i do now- thanks for the reminder ;D