Friday, October 11, 2013

GI Joe Retaliation Dog Tags

During the first few days of sale for the GI Joe: Retaliation Blu-Ray, Paramount ran a promotion giving away custom dog tags. The movie came with a code the be entered online. The code gave you access to a form to fill out the info you wanted printed on your dog tag. My customized dog tags just arrived in the mail today.

The first tag just includes the GI Joe: Retaliation logo. The second tag contains the personalized information that was entered online. You could include your name, birthday, blood type, rank, and code name. The form was filled in a list of code names of characters from the movie, but there was also the option to enter your own. So naturally I went with Buzz Chuck.


  1. Like em ! You shouldve inflated the rank though, Specialist is the lowest !!

  2. How do I redeem my fog tags? The website can't be found