Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lord Dactus - MOTUC

Lord Dactus is one of the newst toys in the Masters of the Universe Classics line. He is based on a character created for the Mike Young Productions (MYP aka 200x) cartoon show. Darctus is made up of an interesting mix of new and reused parts. Dactus features new feet that give him an interesting posture. He has a funky extra bend at his ankles, like the hind leg of a goat or cat.

 Lord Dactus has new hands, head, feet, and armor. He reuses the wings from Draego-man. He also come with a very cool looking sword that matches his armor nicely. His tail is not articulated and is just part of the sculpt of his loin-cloth piece.

Lord Dactus' unique ankles and tall neck makes him much taller than the standard Masters figures. I love the sculpt of his talon like fingers. This figure is so large that he had to be packed without his wings and armor attached.


  1. Looks like a power rangers villain...

  2. Not too bad but not one am interested in at the moment i have many others i want first. : )