Sunday, October 13, 2013

Battleground Teela - MOTUC

In true fantasy/sci-fi tradition Matty Collector has given us the babe in a metal bikini. According to her bio this is an outfit Teela wore while training with the Sorceress to become the next guardian of Grayskull. This time around Teela has blonde hair and a furry loin cloth like most of the guys in the Masters line.

 Teela is armed with a sword and a blaster. Battleground Teela was the first female figure to use the new and improved female body design featuring more articulation in the hips and waist. She's a great figure, but not really Teela to me. Like many other collectors, I like to display this figure along side Vikor, He-Man of the North.


  1. I actually used to have this toy, but I regrettably sold it. :(

  2. So weird to see all these variations of Heman.

  3. how is the articulation on these? Ive been on the fence about picking these up.

    1. The MOTUC figures are really great. They have plenty of articulation, without going overboard.

  4. I had thought about getting the BG Teela when she was available on mattycollector. I like the look of her, but I've never been too sold on having just her to fill my Teela Spot on the shelf. I bet, though, she looks great next to Vikor.

  5. If I ever succumb to collecting MotUC, BG Tella would be my first figure to get.