Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Killer Crab Alien - Kenner

The Killer Crab Alien is one of the many gimmicky Alien action figures pumped out by Kenner in the 90's to cash in on the popularity of the R-Rated Aliens movie. Starting with the first wave of figures and going all the way through, they seem to just randomly pick an animal or insect to mix with a xenomorph to create a new toy.

Over the weekend I went to my local comic stores' celebration of 24 Hour Comic Book Day. I left straight from the Hay Ride and got to the event around 12:20 AM. The owner of the store and one of the employees were starting the first round of competition to be the Mayor of the Comic Shop. I listened to the first trivia question, and then began rummaging throug the $5 action figure bins that were part of the sidewalk sale. I remembered buying a Crab Alien recently at a flea market, but I thought he was missing one of his accessories, so I picked up a sealed toy.

The Killer Crab Alien is crouched close to the ground. He has four legs, two claw arms, and two normal arms. The Crab Alien also has a very long tail that also features a crab claw on the end of it. His torso contains two spring loaded missile launchers that shoot "chest burster missiles"  I wish his tail included an additional point of articulation. His tail is molded in a tight arch which just barley clears his head when moved from one side of his body to the other.

It turns out that the one I had in my collection was complete. Now I'm not sure if I should keep the other one sealed, army build loose Crab Aliens, or part with my duplicate.

"Oh Baby. Hang in there. I'll write to you every week 
and I'll be waiting until you get out of this plastic prison."

If you haven't visited Cool & Collected lately, go an check out Brian's announcement for his Kickstarter Campaign to his the first issue of the C&C Magazine Published. The layout and photos look great. I can't  wait to read the articles. I miss checking out toy magazines when I stop
by a newsstand or bookstore.


  1. 5 dollar action figure bin!That sounds like fun.These 5 dollar figures,are they all carded?

    1. Yeah, they only pull out the $5 bins on special occasions. They are all carded, but the condition of the cards vary. I was actually thinking about you while I was there. They had a couple of Toy Biz X-Men from later in the line.

  2. If I had these I would repaint them to look more authentic Alienishy.