Monday, October 7, 2013

Monsters in My Pocket #3

Between playing Dungeons & Dragons and collecting Monster in My Pocket figures as a kid I had a lot of fun learning about lots of mythological creatures and monsters. My buddy Derek first found MIMP toys in the early 90's when we were kids. He had a decent collection before I ever found a pack. These little rubbery monsters that came blind boxed. Each package showed off one of the monsters you were getting while the rest were a mystery.

Harpy, Roc, and Kali

The Harpies were winged beasts from Greek Mythology. Rocs are enourmou Legendary birds that are often depicted carrying elephents in their talons. I had a Roc molded in red as a kid that I pretended was a Phoenix. Kali is a Hindu Goddess with four arms.

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