Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monsters in My Pocket #5

Time for some more rubbery monster goodness. More little mini monsters from the Monsters in My Pocket toyline released in the 90's. Here is the Mummy, Triton, and a Skeleton. One odd thing about Trition is that he is pictures holding a two pronged trident weapon in the promotional images for the toy line. The actual toy did not come with the trident.


With the end of the Marking Period coming up at school and my side job at the Hayride, It's been crazy lately. I wish I had gotten around to posting yesterday. It just didn't happen. I have included a promotional video I put together for the farm.


  1. Did you find that the Sleepy Hollow tv show had any effect on the haunted attractions this year? Was curious if it did or not?

  2. Without polling everyone it's hard to tell. I've heard a lot of people talking about it, so it couldn't have hurt.

    1. Ok cool i was wondering about it so thanks. : )