Monday, April 28, 2014

Professor Cold Heart - Care Bears

A while a go I posted about some possible Care Bears figures that belonged to my sister and myself as kids. I gave all those figures to my niece. One of our Cousins also gave her some Care Bear figures. Last time I was over we were playing with them. My niece was honestly terrified of the Professor Cold Heart figure. She wouldn't even look at him. So I brought him home. I'll take him back in a few months and see if she's over it.

Cold Heart is a gray skinned old man dressed in a blue coat. He has frost around his boots and sleeves. Cold Heart also wears a red and white scarf. This figure has the standard five points of articulation and originally included a frosty mug accessory. It's interesting that the Care Bears villain has "heart" in his name.


  1. I understand nostalgia. I do. Even today Care Bears seem nostalgic. Hated them at the time.

  2. I remember this guy! And i think my sister might of owned one.